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link Contrast Rebellion

Site of the week! Makes one hell of a case for higher contrast text and readability.


CSS3 Showcase: Illustration with Code

With CSS3, there are a lot of things to be excited about. When I read CSS3 For Web Designers, my first thought was that it could be an amazing illustrator’s toolkit. Here are two awesome sites that go beyond using CSS3 for box shadows and rounded corners:

BeerCamp SXSW 2010

SImple and brilliant, isn’t it? This site uses CSS to make lollipop trees and a block of buildings.

For the Record

I saw this in a .net showcase and instantly had to check it out. It is basically a series of infographics that illustrates the variety and depth of one person’s record collection. The content is interesting and the design is beautiful. The page tells a story without any extraneous nonsense. Love.

link Dribbble - Lan Truong

This designer is one of my favorite dribbblers. I love dribbble! I’m a “spectator” there, which means I can lurk on the site and look at all the beautiful work. Someday, maybe, I’ll have the guts (and hopefully, a worthy portfolio) to make myself a prospect.

link Joshua Sortino — UX Designer & Responsive Design Evangelist

I can’t help but appreciate a good, clean (and responsive!) site like this one.

Gorgeous 3D info-sculptures. See more amazing creations at the source.
(via Pattern Matters)

Gorgeous 3D info-sculptures. See more amazing creations at the source.

(via Pattern Matters)

link Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.

Color-lovers, check out this color search tool by Idée Inc. Beautiful results guaranteed.

link 50 Beautifully Brown Web Designs

What an awesome roundup.

link Colorrrs - A Pocket Dribbble Color Browser

Site of the Week! So simple and beautifully done.

link thisissand.com

Girls, remember those bottles of sand you made at birthdays parties? Here is the flash version, only not lame. I love this idea.

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