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Ryan Singer Designs in Real Time

UX Designer Ryan Singer from 37signals¬†(makers of the amazing Basecamp, among other products)¬†details his whole process in a long and informative video, which you can watch at Peepcode (it costs money, but there is a free preview). If you are at all interested in UX and Interaction Design, I highly recommend taking the time to watch this. How often to you get to see a talented designer’s thought process unfold in real time?

It is true that there is no substitute for real experience, and Ryan has a lot more of it than I do. As an observer, I was most curious to see how he would approach the UX problem and go about solving it. My biggest takeaway was that he looked at the experience holistically, rather than as a set of individual steps that needed to be mapped out one by one. The final interface and its usability were a result of him thinking about where the users start, what they can do, and where they end up. It’s a neat little showcase for both Ryan’s talent and the power of UX thinking.

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